Pot Roast Nachos

Have you ever found yourself staring at 8 ziplock containers of pot roast, wondering what in world you are going to do with it? 

Happens to me pretty much most times I make a roast.  It's good for like two meals then I'm over it.  Well.  Thank goodness I'm creative and can make nachos out of anything.  

Yeah.  You read right.  Nachos.  With pot roast.  Bam.    
I have also been known to put pot roast in tacos, in a quesadilla and, obviously, on a sandwich.  It's a meal with endless leftover options.  What's next?  Perhaps a pot pie.  Or a pizza?  Yes.  A pizza.  A pot roast pizza needs to happen.  
Pot Roast Nachos

6 multi grain scoops
1/2 cup of pot roast (try to dodge the potatoes)
1/4 cup of black beans
2 tbl white cheese dip
green onions
1/2 of an avocado, chopped 

Layer all ingredient and serve immediately.  

Serves one
Points plus 15  

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