Woohoo!! Wednesday (Intention)

Due my lack of new recipes and my lurve of processing, I now proclaim Wednesdays to be Woohoo!! Wednesday! 


Why?  Well.  Are you familiar with Melody Beattie?  She's is an author that has written several books over the years about co-dependency, addiction recovery, therapy topic goodness etc ect etc.  I have More Language of Letting Go on my phone and it's a great go to for a pick me up, a group topic, a time passer.  The unofficial topic for the month of February in the book is "say woohoo!" aka throw yourself out there, face your fears, do stuff you don't want to do, grow, fall, change, change again, love, revel in the void etc etc etc. 

Woohoo!! Wednesday is an opportutnity to look at what's going on with more intention, make plans, break plans, try new things, recognize ruts, empty my brain out.  Maybe it will happen every Wednesday, maybe it wont.  Maybe I'll learn something new, maybe I wont.  Maybe you'll learn something new, maybe you wont.  But hell...let's just try!  These types of posts get more hits than the pork chop ones do...this could be fun.  Or random.  Or odd. OR a mixture of all three.




I lurve an intention.  I don't really understand an intention.  Wherps.

I've always heard the term "intention", always thought of it as something that one is meaning to do.  As I research the term more, it seems like less of a future thing and more constant, right now, practice.  Less this is what I want to be, more this is how I'm being.  

As I've gotten into a slightly regular yoga practice, I've had the opportunity to play around with setting an intention and really trying to abide by it but also trying to do something else.  (Because really, you can't just sit around and be calm all day...at some point you have to do something.)  Liiiiike have a calm mind while in plank pose.  Hard when your arms are screeming but nice to have the intention to bring you back to a place of calm.  Does that make sense?  Makes sense in my head.  

Another example:  setting an intention at work for calm (noticing a pattern?).  I'm at  my desk.  I'm cold.  Mind says ugggghhhhhit'ssocoldwhyisitsocoldi'mgoingtobecoldforeverrrr!
Intention kicks in and says hey girl....let's be calm.  Would could promote calm right now?  

Oh yeah, that's better.  Warm me up, calm me down. 


Do you set intentions?  If you'd like more information, visit this article.   

"Naturally, sometimes things go well for you and other times not, but you do not live and die by these endless fluctuations. Your happiness comes from the strength of your internal experience of intention. You become one of those fortunate human beings who know who they are and are independent of our culture's obsession with winning. You still feel sadness, loss, lust, and fear, but you have a means for directly relating to all of these difficult emotions. Therefore, you are not a victim, nor are your happiness and peace of mind dependent on how things are right now."  --Phillip Moffitt



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