A Few on Friday

Well hey y'all!  Happy (Good) Friday!

1.  We had cookbook club last night and I'm still full.  I'm also awake at 5:21 AM; something I'm none to pleased with but just going with regardless.

2.  Are you running in the Viking 5K or Half Marathon?  If so, good luck and I'll see you there!  If not and you are in Greenwood, come on out and support us!  Should be a good stuff day.  

3.  Have you checked out the article from Esquire circulating the Facebook this week?  It's called What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff It's a lovely read, check it out if you haven't already!  Good stuff to think about on this Easter weekend. 

4. Anyone planting today?  It's Good Friday, after all, the day that you are supposed to plant your stuff I hear.  I think I'm going to plant some herbs in my brick planter this afternoon.  I'll be participating in a Community-ish Garden with friends this summer; I'm more than floored about planting cutting flowers.  And eggplant.  I hear eggplant is finicky.  Send me good gardening energy.  

5.  What about that Florida Georgia Line / Nelly mash up?  It's toe tappin' and if you visit this website and hit that orange button you can tap your very own toes to it.  Freaking love a mash up.  Freaking hate copyright issues that prevent me from sharing the video with you fine people.  

6.  I know you've said it, I've said it, we've all said it....but I'm going to say it again.  Ready for spring over here, guys.  And ready to purchase these:
And some white ones, too.  My white jeans have just about had it.  I have this style of good 'ole Gap jeans; I rambled about them in this post. I love them, like a lot. 

Happy day, dear friends.  Enjoy your holiday weekend...eat deviled eggs but don't buy your children a bunny...
       From the MARL Facebook page

Hoppy Friday!

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