A Few (Stream Of Consciousness Rambles) on Friday

OMG where have you been?  


Hi.  How are you?  Well, I hope.  

I've been down south in Natchez attending the MS chapter of the National Association of Social Workers annual conference.  It's a trip I take each year, one I approach with many mixed feelings.  On one hand, Natchez is super cute and I enjoy getting to hang out with social work peeps (we are a fun bunch, you know.  We do more than listen to the things that plague you and take your children.) On the other hand, Natchez feels soooo farrrr awayyyyy and I'm a girl that prefers to be closer to home, with her husband and her hound and her bed please and thank you.     

This year, it's been quite different for a few reasons.  For A) I made this trip all by my awkward self.  I  usually have my trusty social work partner in crime, Ginny, with me.  We share hotel rooms, meals, conversations, comfortable silences.  Hell, I'm with her more than I'm with anyone else so it totally works out.  We jive.  This year, it's just been me.  As I type this, the total of meals eaten alone comes in at four.  FOUR.  That's a lot.  It also makes me eat a lot.  Or, rather, I choose to eat a lotSee how I'm taking ownership there?

For B) I've actually attended workshops this year.  Usually, I man a silent auction table.  However this year I've checked out several workshops and have so far learned about: remaining hopeful when it seems impossible, narcissism (it's going to be a pandemic, y'all), HIV/Aids in Mississippi (staggering...click here to learn more) and the dysfunctional/disorganized family's response to end of life issues.  Pair this with the email from the Akita rescue group that I support thanking us for our donation and sharing about how things have been hectic for them since receiving an avalanche of Akita orphans and you've got a girl here feeling pretty exposed.  

You know what I mean.  That cracked open feeling that is the wierd combination of oh my gosh there's just so much (said with desperation) and oh my gosh there's just so much (said with joy).  

So much heartache + so much beauty. 
So many in need + so many people doing really good work.
So much uncertainty + we're all ok right now      

I swear this rambling has nothing to do with the fact that I've had minimal interpersonal interaction past "how are you, good how are you, good" talk since Wednesday morning.

Regardless, that's what I've been up to!  And for those of you that show up here, post after post, for the food...here's where four meals went down!

Fat Mamas MargaritasA-may-zang margaritas, great hot tamales, a taco salad that was very memorable.  

Planet Thailand:  Had to feed my can't get it at home sushi craving and these folks took care of it.  While it wasn't anything that blew my mind, the atmosphere was calming and the food was good.  The Cherry Blossom scored high on my list of good stuff.  

Paisano's Italian Grotto:  I stumbled across this one and am glad I did.  I enjoyed a meatball sub (out of control I am) and a side salad.

Cotton Alley Cafe: Cute little place, nice glass of wine, excellent pasta, deep fried rolls (seriously).  Will for sure hit this one up on a return trip.           

Happy Friday, dear friends! Be well and do good work.

P.S.  If you want to support that avalanche of Akita Orphans click either here or on that picture of my sweet Browne hound at the top of the page.  Or you could donate to the Relay for Life page!  Or you could just do a little something to put some good energy out there!! Tons of opportunities to do good work today, people.     

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