Hot Italian Sandwiches

This meal was a good meal. 
It was a good meal because it was a come together and make it happen meal.

You know the ones.  The ones that start with the mention of a gathering on a Friday night and leads to a plan of a fire pit, some wine and the bringing over of what everyone has in their fridge. 

Lucky for us, what everyone had in their fridge turned out to be olive salad, green olive and garlic bread, pepperonis. AND rotel.  If that doesn't scream salty amazingness, I'm not sure what does.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't wake up at 330 the next morning feeling like I'd never had a sip of water in all of my life.  

Worth it, though.  Totes worth it. 
Soooo you'd like to make your own hot Italian sandwiches?  Sweet.  You should, really, just make sure you hydrate appropriately. 

Hot Italian Sandwiches

2 slices good homemade bread (we used green olive and garlic)
3 tbl of olive salad 
4 pepperonis
a few slices of fresh mozzarella cheese
a few slices of deli ham

Layer up all your ingredients and heat it up in a 350 degree oven until everything is melted and lovely.  Don't forget the wine! 

Makes one serving

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