Sandwich Tricks

Me and dinner, we are still in a fight.  

It's getting better, though.  If we were a married couple in marriage counseling, the therapist would probably chart "both parties committed, taking steps, making compromises, moving forward." 

What?  That made no sense.  

Moving on.  

So  yes.  Dinner.  I'm committed.  I'm taking steps.  Making compromises.  Moving forward.  What helps?  Well, let's stay with the marriage metaphorA good mix of spicing things up while still sticking with what you know helps along with a dash of trying something new.   
I've been doing some sandwiches lately that have been hitting all these high points.  Goat cheese (spicing things up), avocado (sticking with what you know), homemade bread (trying something new) have come together to take a sandwich from sandwiches are dumb to sandwiches are yum.  Skanky deli turkey is skanky deli turkey no matter how you slice it (pun absolutely intended) but it's pretty easy to class a sandwich up.  Another good way to class up a sandwich?  Eat it on a whole wheat bagel.  Bam.  Getting serious over here.  

What are your sandwich tricks and treats?   

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