Winner Winner Brinner for Dinner

I've been in a weird place lately with dinner.  Does that sound weird?  Well.  It's where I am.  Dinner and I, we are in a fight.  

There.  I said it. 

After years of meal planning and hunting new recipes and grocery-ing and being excited to cook up a storm I'm over it.  Probably not forever, probably  just for a week or so, but over it.  

Why?  I don't know.  I don't have children or a 70 hour work week; it's sure as heck not from lack of material because there's good recipes out there, people.  No.  I'm not sure what it is?  Maybe it's because it's been a busy few weeks?  Maybe it's because I'm tired of having a fridge full of leftovers?  Maybe it's because I know that in the next few months, our household budget will take a hit as Brandon becomes a full time student and I'll be forced to cut down on the cooking something new all the time?  Probably a mixture of all of these.  With a side of lazyRegardless.  I'm over it.  

So what does one do when they are over cooking dinner?  One still has to eat, especially when one doesn't like to miss a meal (ahem, me.)  I'm just happy with quinoa and avocados and some form of taco but my mister prefers things with a bit more urmph to them.  Doesn't have to be anything fancy...a festive sandwich will do fine, just fine.  But his absolute favorite?  

BRINNER aka breakfast for dinner.  

He loves it because of the pancakes and bacon, I love it because I've basically gotten it down to a science AND I always have everything on hand.  Score 1 for the gal who's over dinner.  
 It's been my experience that without a plan Brinner can quickly turn into an intense situation.  Since that's what we are trying to avoid, here's the game plan that I've figured out.  

Preheat your oven to 375, line a baking sheet with foil.  Lay out your bacon strips (make sure they aren't over lapping) and cook for 15-20 minutes or until they reach your desired level of crispy.  Once it's done, transfer them to a paper towel lined plate to chill.  

While the bacon is cooking, start working on pancakes.  I use this recipe for Old Fashion pancakes.  I know it by heart now and it's the shiz.  Start cooking your pancakes one at a time (or two if you've got a big fancy pan) and set them aside as they are done.  When  your bacon is done, pop a few pieces of bread in the oven for toast.  I did butter and raspberry jelly this go round.     
 Once the pancakes are done and you've got a free pan, get to work on those eggs.  Brandon prefers fried, I prefer scrambled.  There's just something about that runny yolk that freaks me out.  Eek. 
By the time eggs are done you should be ready for Brinner!  Plate it up, grab an extra piece of bacon for your hound because he/she is absolutely going to demand one.  If your hound is anything like my hound then he is absolutely willing to hop on top of the coffee table and just help himself
And yes, we were absolutely the people that were never going to feed their hound from the table.  Guess how long that lasted?  #spoiled #helovesnutterbutters

Annnnnd just in case you are point counting:

2 pancakes 8 pp
1 piece of toast with jelly 2 pp
1 scrambled egg 2 pp
2 pieces of maple bacon 3 pp  

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  1. I love breakfast for dinner...The only problem is, I always want a little something sweet after dinner; and it feels weird to eat cookies after breakfast! LOL!