Woohoo!! Wednesday (Revel in your Support)

Do you have support?  

You probably do.  You probably have people in your life that love you no matter how often you show your horns.  

I've been thinking a lot about support this week as I prepare to embark on a journey that is sure to be bachelorette party madness x 3.  I'm lucky to be close enough, have the means, have the time to meet up with friends that have been so supportive that it makes me rowl my shouldie (If you don't know then I can't even explain) in sheer awe.  Of course, this group wont be all inclusive, there will be several folks that will be absent but will probably be dancing with us in spirit. 

Old friends, new friends, red friends, blue friends.  Take the opportunity that you have today and say woohoo!!! to all of the people that you've been support bySend them an email, give them a call, shoot them some energy.  Acknowledge how blessed you have been and will probably continue to be. 

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  1. Love it ghi! And I had a blast with you last weekend...PLEASE come back to visit me again soon!!