Woohoo!! Wednesday (Take a Break)

It's pretty amazing how we just repeat the same cycles and patterns and schedules time after time.

Each year around this time, I start to feel a little crazed.  I'm not sure if it's the moon or the time change or the fact that I'm so pale but it happens.  Some of it might be because I always fool myself into thinking that this time of year is going to be slow and borderline boring.  It's after Christmas, before spring.  Nothing goes on, right?  Not right.

Turns out lots goes on this time of year.  The Cotton Brawl, the Social Work Conference, weekend trips, errands.  It's always something, right? 

I'm by no means the busiest person on the block but I am pretty rigid and structured, this can lead to some intensity when there's a lot going on.  Ask anyone that's in any way affiliated with me and they'll tell you that I kind of rock back and forth a little when things don't go the way I've written them down to go in my Erin Condrin planner.  It's not necessarily that they have to go the way I want them to go (although that's preferred, obviously) but I do much better when they go as I've planned.  This is probably why  weight watchers and half marathon training fits so well with my personality.  In both you plan, you prepare, you make lists, you do (or eat) what you've planned.  Done.  Bam.  Love it.  

So for the sake of bringing things back to present, I find myself now at one of those places where no matter how much I plan or how many lists I make; things don't quite go as I want them to.  My self defeating to this is to just throw my hands up and say whatever and either whine, blame or eat french fries.  Since I've given up french fries for Lent that's not very productive, I'm trying these days to recognize when things aren't going how I want them to, or when I'm tired, or when I'm getting that funky feeling that leads to me saying "to heck with it." I'm trying to take a break before I break.  Now, I realize this all sounds very dramatic.  You have to remember that I'm a therapist and spend 98% of any given day processing how I, along with everyone in a 12 foot radius, feel.  

So.  The idea of taking a break is one that is pretty big.  Allow yourself to skip something, to sleep in, to not cook dinner.  For example...I've hit a complete and total running wall this week.  The idea of heading to the dentist is more pleasant to me than running and I hate going to the dentist with the fire of a thousand hells.  Instead of making myself, getting frustrated and quitting running all together, I've decided instead to take a running break until Saturday.  It's fine.  My legs aren't going to fall off.  In fact, I'll probably start to miss it and even enjoy it again!

With all of this being typed, it's important for me to recognize the difference between taking a break and taking the easy way out. But that's a whole other post.  

While you allow yourself to take a break, why don't you practice some lovingkindness as well?  Check out my enlightened friend Nancy for more information on that. 

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  1. woohooo! for being someone's "enlightened friend"! How I wish it were true. . .