A Few on Friday

Well hey there!  Happy Friday!
1.  I'm am absolutely entering my hound in Garden and Gun's 2013 Good Dog photo contest.  Shocking, said no one ever.  You can read about it here.  You can look at pictures of hounds at rest, hounds being hounds, hounds at play and hounds in the field and water while you are at it and cry from the cuteness.  
2.  Are you on the Kind bar wagon?  I'm jumping on it.  First heard of the Kind bars from L-Dog; she's kind of a snack connoisseur and also a fan of healthy / clean / gluten free eating.  I have been pretty jazzed to be able to find these at Krogers and at our little Whole Foods store in Greenwood.  
If you read Wednesday, you know that I'd like to loose (lose?) 8 pounds.  I'm trying to be much more mindful of what I'm choosing to eat and not just focusing on points.  These seem to be a pretty good choice for a snack all while being portable and tasty.  But more on that later.  Well, more on mindfulness eating not more on portable and tasty snacks.  Unless that's what you'd like to hear about. I am to please, people.  I aim to please. 

3.  Speaking of food.  And sticking with the theme of saying what you want, I want the following books:

Vegan Before 6:00

Do with this information what you please. 

4.  I don't watch a ton of TV.  What I do though is waste a ton of time on the WWW.  I get all nerdy with my laptop, looking at Lord knows what for hours and hours on end.  Wasting brain cells while simultaneously being overstimulated.  To combat this, I picked up two magazines earlier in the week.  The most recent Garden and Gun (inspired by the above mentioned hound contest of course) and an Oxford American.  The first article that I read in the Oxford American, entitled Something is Happening Here, explored how people are choosing to "fondle their touchscreens" instead of spend time with culture, art, literature.  A quote:

"We have to much information in our lives and not enough art and literature.  Too much highly processed "content" that stands in the same relation to authentic narrative art as strip-mall junk food does to ripe vegetables fresh from a garden.  Too much "news" that serves only to provoke destructive emotions."  Rodger D. Hodge, Oxford American Number 80.   

Anyone else find themsevles being more strip-mall junk food than fresh vegitabes?  My hand is raised. 

 I'm always looking to unplug and center and be more real, man.  But aren't we all?  Probably.  It's harder to do than you realize.  Everything is just so freaking constant.  Soooo I'm just going to work on being more mindful and read through these lovely magazines I've picked up.  Keep trucking along with 100 Years of SolitudeMaybe renew my Real Simple that I inadvertently let lapse.  Wherps.   

5.  My lemon grass is here!!  My lemon grass is here!!

For those of you unfamiliar with lemon grass, it's supposed to keep mosquitoes away.  We shall see.  We MS Delta people will probably have to sit in a plant to make it work.  Oh well.  At least I got two!

Happy weekend dear, dear readers.  Be well, do good work and enjoy yourself! 

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