A Few on Friday!

He ya'll!  I made some meatloaf this week.  But I haven't finished blawg-ing about it.  But I do have the following for you:

1.  I love this song:
Video is odd.  Beat is good.  If you have a low tolerance for odd you might not want to watch it. I mean it's not that odd.  but I have a high tolerance for odd so I don't know.  Do what you will.

2.  Have you ever heard a 131 pound Akita hound have a rumbly tummy?  I did for the first time Thursday morning around 4 am.  The thunder woke me up, his bowel sounds kept me up. It was unnerving as I didn't really know what was going to happen next.

Maybe he was doing it on purpose, though, as it did get me to take him outside.  At four am.  In the rain.  But only for a second when I realize that he only wanted to eat some grass.

But Laura Merrill, you may be saying, doesn't that mean he's feeling sick to his stomach? 

Not necessarily, dear blawg friends.  The Big Browne Hound often snacks on grass as we go for walks, I've even gone so far as to contemplate giving him a mixed baby green salad along with his Taste of the Wild Salmon Hound Food.  Unless he's in a constant state of nausea then I think we can chalk it up to an advanced palate. ANYWAY. 

3.  Here is a McCaleb Family Selfie Shot:

Me and BB, I'd say we look a little crazed.  Brandon is just creepin' over the dogs head.  This family selfie was taken whilst trying to brush the hound.  It's a two person job, preferably.  He's still blowing his coat (he stopped for a while, this crazed weather makes it unpredictable) and my goal is to have more hound fur inside than outside.  It's not going well. 

4.  But here's a situation that went well:

Ignore the part about Akita's being a fighting breed, tacky end to a lovely story. 

5.  OK I'm going to stop talk about my dog now.  

6.  Ummmm.  OH!  So I see many many more lunch breaks in the afternoon happening in my life with the opening of the Delta Dairy Frozen Yogurt shop in Cleveland.  Small town girl here, people.  Small town girl.  With a sweet tooth.  

7.  Maybe while I'm there I'll stop off at the Balance Fitness for a quick reformer workout or maybe even a lunch break yoga class? 

Wouldn't that be sassier than a high pony tail?

8.  So if you're interested, this weekend is the Leflore County Relay for life.  I'm a proud member of Team Szady and if you haven't donated and would like to, click that link on the top right of this page.  Also, if you're interested, you can send me some good energy as I stay up all night.  To know me is to know that I l-o-v-e my bed with all that I am.  It's going to be hard to not try to go brush my teeth at 930, especially since we will be in some sort of an agri center situation.  

Take care, good people.  Enjoy your weekend!      

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