A Few on Friday

Hello my friends!!  Happy Friday.  Here are a few things:

1.  Here is a lovely story kind of about the Boston Marathon Bombings but more about running the the human spirit and the power of community.  Give it a read....

Runners Dig In Their Heels:  We Can Endure A Lot

And wait!  Here's another one....

Every Step 

2.  I'm hunting an exercise crop.  For yoga, for running, for lounging.  Any suggestions?  Nothing crazy expensive either guys, sisters on a budget.  

3.  Speaking of exercise, sister Jennifer and I will be trotting in the Cotton Mill 5K this weekend.  I'm so proud of Jenny From the Block as she has completed her couch to 5K training; this will be  her first race!  Last year's CM5K was my first race....I'm glad to run it again!

4.  While we are on the topic of firsts, the Big Browne Hound had his first venture to the Tractor Supply in town this week.  He had a FREAKING BLAST and got what appears to be a dinosaur thigh bone.  Don't believe me?  See below. 
Gotta say he was a bit upset about not being able to take this mammoth thing inside. 

Aside from his bone, he checked out the drill bits, sniffed some people, and got a can of wet Taste of the Wild hound food.  Overall, he was a champ!!! 

You should probably take your hound on an adventure this weekend.  Or yourself.  Or your child.  Or your parakeet. 

5.  Anyone planting a garden this year?  I'm doing one with my good buddy Brantley but we can't seem to catch a break with this weather!!  Farmers:  I don't see how you do it.  I'm about to bust out of my pants to get my Cherokee purples in the ground, can't imagine what it's like for those of you whose livelihoods depend on this.  

6.  In honor of Heart being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, let's jam.  

7.  There are things that I am good at (making mix CDs) and there are things that I am not good at (knowing what accessories to purchase). This website recently caught my eye, perhaps it could be helpful: 

Noonday Collection

Perhaps I'll host myself a party.  Or perhaps I'll just buy some stuff.  Liiiiike:

Ruth Necklace, Turquoise and Red

Unpredictable Necklace 
find both those guys here
Tagua Seed Bracelet (Seagreen) (*Backordered*) 
find it here 

I hope this post finds you well!  Take care of yourself this weekend.  Do things that you enjoy with people that you enjoy, all while wearing your favorite pants.  Go    

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