A Few on Friday

Here are a few things on this lovely, lovely Friday:

1.  I know that 'ole Lulu Lemon's message can be a bit skewed at times and I know that they had that see through pants debacle.  BUT here's a video about the Africa Yoga Project that I really enjoyed watching.  Empowerment and remembering that we have a choice is good stuff, regardless of where you are, who you are, and whether or not you can see through your yoga pants. 

2.  I ran across this article from NPR recently that is all about activities that can beat back dementia.  Here's a pretty sweet quote:

"Putting it all together, Kramer jokingly suggests that the best advice might be to join a book group that walks and drinks red wine while talking about the book. Red wine contains antioxidants, Kramer notes. You'd be discussing a stimulating topic with good friends while exercising your body. "How can you beat it?" he says. "It's got all four!""

Since the main focus of my work is geri-psych I found this article to be extremely interesting.  Read the full article here.  No time like the present to start making healthy changes!! 

3.  Guys.  I have so many appetizer recipes to share with you.  Next week, its happening.  

4.  If BBH could talk the third thing he would ask for, behind some ham and for me to stop singing to him, would be that we get a bigger car. 

5.  Happiness in salad form is the Nola Salad from Nola in Indianola (whew, lots of Nola happening there) with its blackened chicken and its apples and its candied pecans and its mandarin oranges and its blue cheese and its red onions and its sweet dressing.  Stop it

Why am I telling you this?  Because I want to recreate it at home and needed a safe place to write down what's in it.  And I'm eating it as I type.   

Crunch, crunch crunch.

Hope everyone enjoys themselves this weekend!  Be well, have fun, thanks for reading!! 


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