Super Simple Shrimp Tacos and Kind of Clean Eating

So I love a fish taco.  True story, really.  It's usually what I order if I go to an eatery and they are on the menu.  

You know what else I love?  The idea of clean eating.  

Notice how I said I love the idea of it.  It's not something that I've fully adopted yet.  Not because I don't want to but because I live  in a place where the grocery stores stock much more pigs feet than grass fed beef.  

An excuse? Perhaps.  Hell, probably.  Absolutely, even.  I'm probably going to hang on to my lean cuisines (JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED) for a bit longer than I shouldBUT the seed's been planted, ya know?  Isn't that how it starts?  With the planting of a seed? 


So what do clean eating and shrimp tacos have to do with each other?  Well, very little except for this recipe was found on a website called Clean and Delicious.  Being a girl that often doesn't pay a ton of attention to details, I didn't research the blog much nor did check to see if the ingredients listed were "clean."  Like Greek yogurt.  Is that clean?  I have no idea.   I can happily report that I visited The Whole Foods store in Greenwood for my frozen shrimp and that it was just shrimp.  That's all it listed on the ingredients: shrimp.  The company also claimed to be seat turtle friendly and the shrimp were a pretty nice size.  I'm marking these thing in the "winner" category.  Winner of what, I'm not sure yet, but we'll figure it out at some point.  I guess. 

Really, guys, I have no idea what I'm talking about today.  But whip up these tacos.  Clean or dirty, who the heck knows, but they are darn fine.   
Super Simple Shrimp Tacos
from Clean and Delicious

1 lb of shrimp, peeled and deviened (thawed if frozen) and chopped into 1/3s
6 oz of Greek yogurt
1/4 cup of cilantro, chopped fine
2 tbl fresh lime juice
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 a head of cabbage, chopped up
8 flour tortillas
4 tsp olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste

Combine the yogurt, cilantro, lime juice, cayenne pepper and some salt and pepper in a small bowl and set aside.  

Heat 2 tsp on oil and saute the cabbage for about 4 minutes or until it's starting to wilt.  Set aside.  

Heat 2 tsp of olive oil in a skillet.  Season the shrimp with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.  Cook the shrimp until done.  

Divide the sauce, cabbage and shrimp evenly among 8 flour tortillas and seve immediately.  

Serving size 2 tacos (makes 4 servings)
Points plus 9         


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