Woohoo Wednesday (Breaking Your Addiction to Negaive Self Talk)

While cruising the Facebook over the weekend, I ran across this article.  Give it a read:

Two Step:  Breaking Our Addiction to Negative Thinking.  

It's a mother load of good information, not necessarilyly new stuff but good stuff.  The author talks about setting a fierce intention to not focus on negative thinking and to reset yourself when things start to go all grey (gray?) skies up in that brain.  Not to be forgotten is that ever important concept of not beating yourself up about being negative but instead using all that energy that went to the bad and putting it towards something good.  Like trying to make yourself look like this chica:

Boho tunics. by naida

You know...all surrounded in light and smiling and content and shiz.  In a flowy tunic top. 

Hee hee, haa haa, snort....I'll probably never seem all surrounded by light and shiz BUT I can set a fierce intention to focus on positive rather than negative thinking all while remembering that we're probably OK right now.  This practice will for sure help me to put more good energy out than bad which is one of my ongoing goals at this time.     

All of this reminds me of the old saying that I used to hear when I was an intern at an adolescent treatment center:  

The problem's not the problem, it's your thoughts about the problem.   

Sally forth, dear friends!  Remember, you are not responsible for the first thought that pops into your head but you are responsible for whether or not you continue to dwell on it.    

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