Woohoo!!! Wednesday (Wanting What I've Got)

One lesson that I'm constantly working on is not pointing at something else and saying I WANT THAT!  

Bratty, I know, coveting things aint cool. 

But just being honest, kids.  Just being honest.  I feel like we all do a little better when we're honest, eh?  

So, the most recent situation that this lesson is manifesting itself in is my house.  I'm currently bouncing back and forth between cursing my old rental with its impossible carpets and cursing myself for being an ungrateful twit.  

What would balance in this situation look like?   
One glimpse into having a balanced attitude towards my old house occurred Saturday afternoon when I was moved by an intense urge to clean out.  It started with the sewing room and ended in my closet.  It didn't take that long but resulted in several garbage bags full of clothes and about 679 coat hangers.  

Coat hangers = the bane of my existence.

Amidst those coat hangers and garbage bags, a little shift occurredA shift that caused me to change my gaze from what I want (a newish house with no carpet and a fenced in backyard for me hound) to what I have (a roomy, cozy, hound friendly, charming, affordable little spot).   

Intellectually, I get it.  I get that focusing on what you have is much better than focusing on what you want.  However, those beautiful moments where you actually feel the power of being grateful for what you have are pretty stinkin' cool. 

Cleaning out, giving away, rearranging...they are all very therapeutic.  Getting rid of the clutter so that you can actually see what's in front of you can lead to some pretty cool revelations.  In your closet and in your life.  Bam

Examples of revelations:  wow, the light in this room is amazing!  I shall now but my makeup on in here.  And:  that basket that I was cursing for existing would be a wonderful spot for scarves! 

The greatest gift of a purge is that it reminds you that if you have things to get rid of, then you have enough.  Isn't that lovely?  Lucky, we are, that's for damn.  

If you decide to tackle a purging project to help shift your focus from what you want to what you have, might I suggest you listen to a little Alt-J.  I purchased this album over the weekend and can't. get. enough.  

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