Woohoo Wednesday (What Do You Want?)

One of the topics for group today was learn to say what.  Based on a daily reading from Language of Letting Go, it was all about being able to say, out loud, what you want. 

Sounds simple, right? 

Well.  Are you doing it?  Are you saying out loud what you want?  Telling God, the universe, your people?  It's not magic, no.  Saying it out loud doesn't mean that you'll get it.  It's my theory, though, that saying it out loud opens you up to possibilities, helps you to set goals, helps you see the good, makes you accountable.  

What are you waiting for?  And what, pray tell, do you want?

Here's what I want:

1.  A copy of Porch Dogs.  From Turnrow Books, of course!
I know these children!  How very cool?  Image from Garden and Gun.  And this book.

2.  To loose (lose??) 8 pounds.   

3.  A regular, in class, no excuses yoga practice.    

Let's see what happens!  

And just for fun here's your daily dose of Browne Hound. In case you're wondering, he just wants to go on four hour walks and eat ham.  

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  1. Hey, Laura Merrill... I know them kids! Try this link too, http://www.turnrowbooks.com/cart/proddetail.php?prod=PO9780895875976&cat=13 -- photographer is coming to Greenwood to sign Porch Dogs on May 9. Best, Jamie @ Turnrow