A Few on Friday, err um Monday

Hey turkeys!  Happy Monday!  Friday got away from me so how about a few on Monday instead.  I've got some time to kill because.....

....1. I'm waiting on my herz-band to get moving so we can get on the road to Jackson.  One of the things that I am the most proud of in our marriage is that I (the perky morning person) no longer stand over him (the eternal night owl) asking when he's going to get on the shower.  In return, he is not near as bear-ish as he has been in the past.  Compromise, people, is what it is all about.

2.  Why you going to Jackson you might be asking.  Well, well we are going car shopping!  Eeek!  Yay!  So many feelingsMrs. Panic and Mr. Impulsive will be making their first large purchase together, either today or in the next few weeksBless us.  Pray for us.  Dance with Paula at your desk.  

3.  Sticking with the topic of me and B, we went to the movies to see The Great Gatsby yesterday.  I'm someone that has to be drug to movies and usually it's to a movie with high action and loud noises so I'm left shaking in my boots.  Not this time.  This time I was left in awe of that familiar yet forgotten story and coveting all the jewelry.  The guy that directed the Romeo and Juliet that came out when I was in high school also directed this one and it's got that some odd whimsey.  And it's got some Jay Z.  Multiple thumbs up from me, my friends.  I mean, the critics don't like it. But what do they know.        

4.  Speaking of that Romeo and Juliet from 1996....just watched that trailer.  Forgot how much I loved that movie.  And that sound track.  I know what I'm doing this week.

Hope your week is wonderful, dear friends!  See you soon!

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