A Few on Friday

1.  If you need me (or the Big Browne Hound) this weekend we will be working on our own version of this:

JOKES!  We haven't yet mastered "come" so I'm pretty sure that "You're the One that I Want" is going to be a little down the road.  

2.  Garden update time!  Brantley tells me that we have 3 baby green tomatoes and an almost pepper bloom.  What?  Overachieving garden, me thinks.  Me also thinks that it's loving all this rain. 

3.  B and I are possibly thinking about being in the market for a new car. 
Oh, wait, sorry.  I forgot that I'm a social worker and don't quite have the budge for this beauty here.  #notinitforthemoney

We are thinking more along the lines of a sassy little Subaru Outback.  I've been told that it's the number 1 car for couples with dogs.  That is, my friends, exactly what we are.  A couple with, well, a dog.  Not dogs.  One day I'll have my pack of Akitas, though.  One day.  Probably right after I buy myself an Akita sweatshirt.  

ANYWAY.  Anyone got any car buying tips? I'm all ears.  

4.  What about this cold snap coming our (well, we Delta people) way?  Weeeeeird.  

5.  I almost kind of kicked up with some help into a handstand this week.  I went to a yoga class with my good buddy Clare at her place, Delta Yoga.  Well.  It's not her place.  But she practices there.  Anyway, I enjoyed spending time with her and enjoyed the challenge of a new teacher and a new class.  Good thing my beloved Studio A has claimed that the pose of the month this month so I got a good start on it on Tuesday.  One day....one day I'm going to have the guns, the core, the quiet mind required for this.  In the meantime, I'm just going to buck around and try to not knock anyone down.  

6.  What are you doing this weekend?  If you don't have any plans then you should totally head to Greenwood for River to the Rails. 

While I'm looking forward to it all, I'm extra pumped about the collage (college?) blast from the past Rollin in the Hay.  And the food truck coming from Helena, Arkansas that promises "lots of nachos." And Jimbo Mathus.  And friends.  

What are you waiting on?  Send out a mass text to all your friends and come join us.  Greenwood, as always, would love to have you!

Happy weekend, dear turkeys.  Do things you love!   

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  1. Uhm, when (or if) I ever retire I have found my hobby - DANCING WITH DOGS!

    Wish I could do that now instead of all this lame lawyerin'.