A Few on Friday

Well hey there friends! 

1.  For starters, I couldn't agree more, hound.

2.  Y'all.  I am in the market for a new vacuum cleaner.  Exciting shiz, I know, but this is the stuff of life.  Any recommendations?  We need something good on pet hair as my Browne hound is not afraid to blow his coat...for months and months and months.  Bless him.  And us.  And everyone. 

3.  Heading down south to New Or-leans in a few weeks for an early 60th birthday celebration for my dear sweet mom, Pegger-pot-pie.  It will be me + mom + sisters + nieces so it will be a slightly different NOLA trip than I've done in the past.  We'll be hitting up the zoo and the aquarium, for sure, as well as other places that have been suggested by folks familiar with the area.  Any kid friendly suggestions from you fine folks are welcomed and encouraged!

4.  I'm asking alot from y'all today.

5.  This. Video.  Cute beyond words.  Go watch it because I can't figure out how to bring it to you on the blawg!  And yes, of course, it's about a dog.

6.  Speaking of dogs, a fellow in a red truck offered to give me his husky this morning.  What?  I was so confused.
7.  Here's a interesting article about narcissism for you to read on this Friday. Good topic, fascinating topic.  

Happy trails, turkeys!  Keep it real this weekend.      

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  1. Clif sells a commercial one that we use and it is great! Kind of pricey but it will never go out and you can easily replace individual parts. Goes by the name of Windsor and is not fancy to look at but it definitely gets the job done!