Be One Of the Helpers!

It's Sunday.  Let's get real nerdy. 

If you know me at all, read this blawg with even slight consistency or have ever had a conversation with me for more than four minutes then you know that Brandon and I have an Akita hound that goes by the name of Big Browne.  
Big Browne decided that he was going to live with us after he took a liking to the crawl space under our house.  Brandon and I had casually talked about having a dog, I guess it took this guy saying "Hey.  It's time for y'all to have a dog and it's going to be me" for us to take the plunge.  I'm glad we did. 

Big Browne hadn't had the worst life before coming to us but he hadn't had the best life either.  However, knowing that he was a dog that wasn't really wanted any more and left to pretty much fend for himself has got me really interested in animal rescue.  

It's pretty common for Brandon to say "what are you doing?" and for me to respond with "looking at Akitas."  It can get pretty sad, reading about the dogs that are unwanted and unloved and mistreated.  So what do we do?  Well, we do what Mr. Rogers told us to do and we look for the helpers.

Many dogs, including Akitas, have their own personality traits are do better when they are taken care of by people that really understand them.  This is where breed specific rescues can be a wonderful thing.  Akitas are loyal and regal and protective and loving.  They are also hard headed and territorial and can be same sex aggressive.  Luckily, the Big Browne Hound is pretty chill.  Yes, we often have standoffs in the middle of the road and yes if you are a dog (especially a male one) don't try to come in our house.  People associated with various Akita specific rescues have been very helpful to me as I've tried to learn more about our boy and this breed.  

Blue Moon Akita Rescue in Colorado and Akita Rescue Society of Florida are two pretty sweet groups.  Caring for these rescued Akitas can get expensive; many of the dogs come into rescue in pretty bad shape, requiring some intense medical careTo do the work they do, they require donations of both time and money and stuff.  Since I don't live anywhere near these places, Brandon and I help out by throwing a little money their way each month.  Also, I plan to ship milk bones and toys through Wag, shipping is free and you can send it right to them!  Imagine all of that tail wagging. 

Speaking of tail wagging, how excited would your hound be if you ordered them some homemade dog treats from Homemade Hounds!?!  From May 4 - 12, if you put ARSF in with your first name when you order (or I put it in a note to the seller on paypal) then 50% of the proceeds go straight to the Akita Rescue Society of Florida.  How cool!?  BBH got some Salmon Crunchies and some Beef Meringues.  Both of these make me want to vomit but I'm sure he'll love them.

If you are thinking about a dog and don't really care what it is, I encourage you to visit a shelter!  If you do care what it is, then I encourage you to check out breed specific rescue.  If you have a dog or don't want a dog or can't have a dog or are allergic to dogs...why don't you pick a worthwhile shelter or rescue and show them a little love!  Some dog food, some toys, some cash.  It's a great way to put more good energy out into the world and help some sweet buddies out.  

Come on, guys.  Be one of the helpers.   


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