Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, turkeys!  If this is a day of rest and relaxation for you, I hope you are doing some hard core resting AND relaxing.  If today is just a regular ole Monday work day for you, then I hope that  you're having a smooth day thus far and remembering how lucky you are to have gainful employment. 

I added that last part in so that when I go back throughout my Monday to re-read this post I'll be reminded to stop whining. 

Yep, I'm working.  Not because anyone has chained me to me desk, no no.  I'm working because I like to hoard PTO days and use them for a lazy Friday.  BAM. 

SO.  If you don' have a meal planned for today, why don't you give these ribs a try!!?? They are oh so easy, tender to the max, a hit with all who try them.  In fact, I made them (plus some Market Place potato salad and some Bush's Baked Beans, don't play) yesterday for my own Memorial Weekend Bonanza aka lunch and regretted not one second of it.  

Kind of like how my Big Browne Hound regrets not one second of spending an entire Sunday straight chillin'.  
Keep it klassy, y'all.  

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