Say Woohoo! Even When It's Heavy (Woohoo Wednesday)

This week has been heavy.  I feel sad not really for myself but for the people that I care for that are hurting. 

So what helps?  Well.  This is what helps me. And I didn't intend to have them all start with 'M' but after the first two it became some sort of an odd OCD situation and I couldn't turn back. 

1.  MusicMy girl Patty came out with a new album on Tuesday.  American Kid does not disappoint, friends, and I have enjoyed having her soothing words playing in the background as I piddle.  It's on spotify.  Go give it a listen!

2.  MovementThis article is all about yoga poses that make a bad day better.  Maybe I'm even typing this with my legs up the wall?  Well, no.  I can also walk my dog.  Or vacuum.  Whatevs.  It helps me to move. 

3.  Meals.  I'm bad to have an off emotional day and throw my hands up, only to have them land clutching a cheeseburger.  Not last night.  Last night I cooked what I'd planned to cook, enjoying the process as well as the food.  

4.  Making.  I've got a stack of baby blankets that I've been working through this week. It's feels good to work on something that you know will someday soon spend it's time wrapped up around precious little baby feet.  Can't even handle it....      

Say woohoowhen it's heavy not because you like it but because it reminds you that you're human.  Say woohoo! when it's heavy because that's when you do your best growin'.  Say woohoo! when it's heavy because it feels oh so sweet when it's not heavy anymore. 


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