A Few on Friday

Hey there fine friends!  Cheers to the freakin' weekend.  

1.  Upon reading about it on Nancy's little corner of the blawgiverse, I picked up Z for my newest read.  It is, so far, lovely.  
Biggest....stop trying to steal my book you don't even have thumbs! 

2.  Picking up this book kind of felt like admitting defeat since it meant that I was giving up on 100 Years of SolitudeAgain.  Everyone has the same name.  It's to much.  Reading shouldn't be that stressful. 

I've wanted to finish this book for a while as it's always come highly recommended by my ghi Lindsey.  I think.  I might have made that up.  

ANYWAY.  She's really good at things like reading books and grammar and spelling.  I want to read it because I want to be really good at things like reading books and grammar and spelling. In another fit of delusional thinking, I thought it just might help me get there. 

Alas.  Here's to being comfortable in your own skin; I'm off to read about people who are nuts.  

3.  I've been watching the series North American on the Discovery channel and have learned the following:

Don't even try to mess with a falcon.  Especially, with a mama falcon.  

I'd actually like to see a mama falcon go up against one of those moms from that new Lifetime reality show.  Wicked Moms I think it is?  I don't know.  There's a girl on there that went to Ole Miss and it was, well, difficult to watch.  I refuse to even link to it. 

4.  If anyone is seriously looking for a hound there is a 4 year old female Akita mix at the Oxford Humane Society.  
Isn't she an angel?  Looks so much like my BBH.  I'd love her but alas we're pretty sure that BBH demands that he stay an only child.  But I wonder if I just showed up with her?  No, no.  BBH and the Brandon both might pack up.  Each request I've made for Akita #2 has been met with a firm "no."  

If you're interested, get in touch with that shelter.  But folks, do your homework.  Do your homework on all dogs but especially on a dog like an Akita.  They aren't for everyone!  You can go here to learn about Akitas. 

And really, guys.  Don't shop...adopt!  Tons of cute hounds there. And in all shelters.  

5.  This sure is a bossy blawg post.  

6.  Look what me and my friend Emily are doing!
Emily has been one of my best friends for a long, long time.  I think I've mentioned this before, but if you would have told us 10 years ago that we were going to be doing things like this we both would have laughed in your face. 

7.  Speaking of running, it's a sad day for my trusty time keeper.  
I purchased this 'ole girl when I started running, she's been wrapped around my wrist for the good and the bad, the long and the short, the fast and the slow. I ran without it for the first time on Wednesday and I kind of felt like I was running sans sports bra.  Ok, not really, but it felt odd to be with out it.      

Well.  That's it for me on this Friday, friends.  Keep it real this weekend, enjoy yourself, all that jazz.  

Thanks for reading!

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