A Few on Friday

1.  Our air went out earlier in the week.  Reason number 529 that I am oh so very insanely glad that I rent.  Say what you will about throwing money away and mortgages being cheaper....I haven't had to pay to fix an A/C for the 3rd time in two years. 

We all dealt in different ways, the Brownest Hound dealt by sprawling out in front of the box fan.
Hims was hot

2.  Brandon and I are now the proud owners of twin kayaks.

That face is, as my friend Malone pointed out, my "white water" face.

I do love to float and look forward to exploring the little nooks and crannies of the Delta that I'm not familiar with.  My kayak even has a glock sticker on it!  I love it and refuse to remove it.  Gives it moxie, I say. 

You know what else has moxie?  

A Few on Friday post with only two things.   

Short and sweet, turkeys.  Happy Friday to you all!    

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