A Few on Friday

1.  Do you need some soap?  Some shower gel?  Hop on over to Thistle Farms and get yourself some.  What is Thistle Farms?  Check this is from the their website:

Thistle Farms is a social enterprise of women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction, and life on the streets. By hand the women create natural body care products. Magdalene is the 2-year residential community. We believe love is stronger than all the forces that drive women to the streets.

Turns out, B and I were out of kitchen sink soap at our house.  Usually, I get the Caldrea from the Viking Cooking School and call it a day.  Looking forward to this as an alternative.  I got the lemon sage, what what?

2.  Isn't this lovely? 
Find it here

I'm trying to lead a calmer, simpler life these days.  Some days it works, some days it doesn't.  Regardless of how things are going, I think this quote is pretty cool. 

Tell you one thing, though.  It's tough to feel like you are having a calmer, simpler day when you are downwind from a gassy Akita. 

3. Speaking of that gassy Akita, he is terrified of fireworks.  I mean, we figured this much as most dogs are but didn't realize the extent of his fear until last night.  B and BBH and I had walked down to the levee for the viewing of our fair city's Stars and Stripes fireworks show (fireworks are cheaper in June, don't play).  I had walked down the levee to say hello to a friend when the fireworks started.  I see Brandon's ball capped head start bucking around and then disappear.  I look left and see him being pulled at full sprint by a terrified, 131 pound hound.  He looked like a cartoon with his legs and arms flailing around; he later reported that they sprinted the three blocks home.  

Really wish he would have had a go pro camera strapped to his forehead.  If only.  

Happy weekend dear friends!  Hope it's a good one!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my lettering! It's a really good feeling to know that people enjoy what I've created and feel the same way about things that I do. Have a lovely day!