The Big M


Melasma time.

Da-na-na-na, na-na, na-na can't touch this! 

With regular face creams, that is. 
Pardon me for the bathroom selfie but I just wanted you to see what I'm talking about.  My melasma started appearing on one side of my forehead two summers ago and started appearing on both sides of my forehead last summer.  This summer, it's on both sides of the forehead and other various places on my mug.   

I went and got it checked out last summer but nothing really came of that aside from me getting groped by the dermatologist.  I made the personal choice to not give the bleaching cream that he gave me a try, mainly because of the proximity of the spot to my eyebrows. 

So, melasma is something that I get pretty focused on.  I think it's because I prefer to go makeup-less most of the time and the big M hinders that.  It may not be noticeable to you but to me it feels like I put a big blob of way to dark for me base on and then didn't rub it in. 

I've been tossing around the idea of starting a new night cream regimen, kind of the same way I toss around the idea of getting a hair cut or purchasing new clothes.  Meaning that there are fleeting thoughts that rarely materialize into anything.   

This past weekend, though, while spending time with both of my sisters, I noticed how great both of their skin looked.  They both use that Obagi system and it appears to be working out well for them.  That Obagi system is a bit out of my price range so I've settled on this:
Renewal Cream - product image

The Renewal Cream from Avalon Organics

Here's hoping that this little jar will be the answer to my brown forehead.  And here's hoping that it will help with other signs of aging and make me smell, overall, like an orange dreamcicle.  

Tell me, turkeys, what are your skin care secretes?  Do you have melasma?  Do you have any good dermatologist stories? 


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  1. nothing spectacular. once a week i do a paste of olive oil, honey and baking soda, let it sit for a few minutes and the exfoliate with it and rinse it off. otherwise, i use cetaphil and oil of olay regular lotion. i've contemplated some eye cream, but i don't use any regularly. i haven't been to the dermatologist since middle school but i think i have one of those spots near my right cheek. i was wondering what you do.

    and i've never noticed this about you btw.