WooHoo Wednesday!!! (What If We All Tried a Little Harder?)

I recently encountered a situation in which another party could have tried a little harder.  

I wont go into details  regarding this situation because if we (I) are (am) operating from our (my) mature adult selves (self) then we (I) know that it never really matters what the other party does.  

But really.  Home fry could have tried a little harder. 

OK.  I'm moving on now.    
If We Could All Just Try Harder 
Find it here at Life + Dog

There's beauty in the idea of everyone, not just the other party, trying a little harder.  Trying a little harder at kindness, patience, helping.  At listening. At holding doors.  At speaking.  


Everyone's got their stuff, everyone is busy, we're all spent most of the time and some are fighting unthinkable battles.  


What if we just all tried a little harder?  I know I could.  And I know that things seem to go a little better when I do. 

So there. Say Woohoo!! and try just a schosche more.   

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