A Few on Friday, well Saturday

Just a few ramblings on this Saturday. 
1.  Anyone want to guess who is the most excited that 4th of July has come and gone?  The Big Browne Hound.  Those fireworks.  He can't handle them.  At all.  And I can't handle being drug around the neighborhood during our evening walks when he's trying to escape them.

2.  That's one of those I feel old moments right there.  I feel like a bitty, shaking my fist in the front yard saying why I outta while cursing the hooligan neighborhood children.  

Brandon had a solid I feel old moment earlier in the week when he looked at me with pure joy and stated "man, I love Time magazine."  Me too, boo.  Me too.  

3.  I've gotten sucked into the Walking Dead marathon that's on AMC right now and I've got lots of questions.  Brandon is napping and I can't ask him so I've been googling my questions.  Things like why does the governor keep those heads in those fish tanks? And why do all those people living in that compound kind of look like they just walked off of the Leave It to Beaver set?

Then there's my constant question of Exactly how long would I make it in the zombie Apocalypse?  What skills do I have that would make a commune want to welcome me in?  How hard is it to shoot a cross bow? I probably can't google the answers to those questions so I'll just have to keep thinking about them. 

These are the things that I think about Saturday afternoons.  

4.  I went to a lovely yoga class this morning at the Studio A.  I'm sure that next Saturday will be all kinds of lovely up in the Studio A as well....Delta people sign up for this workshop!

Backbending and Hip Opening Workshop with Toni Powers Saturday, July 13 from 10:00am-12:00pm. Learn how to mindfully release physical and emotional tension in the hips, back, and shoulders to allow more freedom of movement and increase energy flow in the body. Sign up at the Alluvian Spa today! (866) 728-6700 Cost: $25/per person

Hope you turkeys are having a good weekend!  Thanks for reading today!

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