A Few on Friday

1.  How did I miss the new Jay Z album? 

TOM FORD...beat-tastic, y'all.  

I'd share a video with yous guys but 'tis a bit salty for the Elevator.  

Through being cool over here guys.  
I probably missed it because I was to busy learning about couponing.  

2.  No really.  I don't understand couponing.  Could someone give me a lesson? 

3.  While we are on it, I don't really understand grocery shopping.  I'm horrible at it.  Well, I'm horrible at grocery shopping on a budget.  I'm awesome at grocery shopping sans budget.  Who needs 8 types of cheese?  We do, yo.  

4.  Shameless work plug about to come:

If you are on the facebook and haven't already (and let's face it, you probably haven't) surf on over to the Sunrise IOP page and give us a like.  Why?  Because we share really cool articles about mental health and wellness that you should read.  Like this one about how happiness changes as you age.  I identified with happiness being yoga pants and a good book. But I'll also take yoga pants at the bar so I'm not sure where that leaves me....


Find us on facebook right here

5.  Brandon and I had dinner with friends that hail from up north last night.  The food was good, the company was even better, the youtube videos were possibly the best. 

We delta folks have been privileged to have our weather forcasted to us by some pretty solid folks but people but people in New Hampshire absolutely have us beat.  Don't believe me?  Just watch:

I love him.  Love him so much. 

Happy weekend, guys!  Do something you love with people that you love.   

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