A Few on Friday

1.  If you live any where near Greenwood (or another Viking Cooking School) then you need to hurry up quick and get signed up for the next sushi making class.  It's a freaking blast!
Crawfish, avocado, cream cheese.  Bam. 
Look for me at a sushi shop near you....
Partners in sushi making crime
If you are intrested in this class, contact the Viking Cooking School and sign up.  The next class is October 24. 
My next goals are to purchase a sushi rolling mat and some Japanese Mayonaise.  Moving on.     

2.  Upon visiting our local Whole Foods store this weekend, Brandon and I jumped on the Brown Family Dairy milk wagon.  I haven't tried it (I don't love milk) but Brandon says it's amazing and I love having that cute-as-pie glass jar in my fridge.   

4.  I also picked up a bottle of this after sneezing on the proprietor of the store.   
 What is the "mother"?  I'm scared.
Well not directly on her.  Near her.  In her store.  My allergies were acting up and she swore that two tablespoons of this + honey + some water would cure all that ales me.  I woke up the next day without allergies, who knows if it was the "mother" or if it was the fact that whatever I was allergic to had gone away. 
More research must be done on this product.  They tell me to drink it three times a day, I'm going to need more proof of benefit before that happens. 
5.  Anyone know where to donate prom dresses?  A place where they could do some good?  Be loved and cared for? 
6.  How would you feel if I sewed a ton of minky baby blankets and sold them on Etsy?  What would you pay for one?  What about a burp cloth?  What about a dog food bowl pad?  Let me know.  I'm thinking about it. 
7.  Is anyone familiar with the brand Moving Comfort?  It appears to be some festive inexpensive exercise gear and I'm thinking of ordering some shorts.  Nothing amps up hot running like a festive new short.  And a good playlist.  More about that on Monday, though.  
Happy weekend turkeys!  


  1. I would buy a doggie placemat - I have been unable to find one that isn't heinous looking.