Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Quesadilla

Remember that time I made that pulled pork for 4th of July?  Well, you've probably been wondering what I did with all the leftovers.  If that's the case, today is your lucky Thursday.  

For the sake of budgets and mindful living, I'm trying to get better at using my leftovers. Creativity is key here as eating a pulled pork sandwich 8 days in a row isn't fun for anyone.  We got creative with our left overs in several ways, including pulled pork quesadillas and pulled pork salads.  

Well, let's back up.  Maybe "we" didn't eat the pulled pork salad, Brandon was vehemently against this, saying things like "that's weird" and "I'm not eating that" and "who puts pork on a salad?"  Judge on, judgy pants McCaleb.  My pulled pork salad was the bomb.  If you'd like to make one yourself, just layer some pork, onions, cheese, bbq sauce, ranch dressing and tomatoes over some greens and go ye forth with eating.  

If quesadillas are more your style then you are also in luck.  They are real easy and real tasty and Judgy Pants McCaleb approved.  

Oh I exaggerate.  B is only judgy pants about food and usually only about the strange food that I try to force upon him.  Judgy Pants McCaleb probably isn't an accurate descriptor of such a kind man. 

So judgements and name calling aside, enjoy this quesadilla! 
Pulled Pork Quesadilla

1 flour tortilla
1/2 cup of pulled pork
2 tbl sharp cheddar cheese
1 tbl bbq sauce

Combine the pork, cheese and sauce and pop in in the microwave to warm through.  

Spread on 1/2 of a tortilla, fold over, grill on top of the stove until crispy.  

Points plus 9 

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