Summer Running

Summer running in the Mississippi Delta.  

It's tough, y'all.   

There's the chafe.  There's the feeling of not being able to cool off even after a shower.  There's the having to plan your runs before the sun comes up.  

For the sake of looking towards the bright side, let's talk about what helps.  

Music.  It always helps.  

Sharing with you guys today my Hot Hot Heat Summer Running play list.  It's an adapted version of what I used for musical support during the Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon Relay.  Let me tell you a truth:  running to Fatboy Slim is a freaking blast!  

What helps you keep your exercise routine bumping in the summer? 

Oh yeah.  Don't listen to this play list if you've got the sensitive ears! 

Happy (hot) running!

**Fantastic additions that didn't make it on this play list:  JayZ's Tom Ford and Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana**

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