Woohoo!!! Wednesday (More on That Throat)

I'm still hunting answers related to this throat chakra business.  I've been working on being mindful of all things throat (breath, talking, lymph nodes, etc) and last Saturday, whilst hanging out in camel toe pose, I stumbled upon these three discoveries related to breath.  Breathing is easier when you:

1.  Keep your chin up
2.  Open your heart wide
3.  Tune out what doesn't matter 

There are so many PBS after school special life lessons happening in these three discoveries that it's not even funny.

Let's start with keeping our chins up.

The idea of one keeping their chin up always takes me back to a time, many moons ago, when my best friend Emily and her boyfriend had broken up.  Although Emily knew that this breakup was probably for the best, this event was accompanied with all of the devastation that one would expect from realizing that your high school love was, in fact, not going to last forever.  

She was over at my mom's house one night right when she was in the thick of it.  She was probably weeping, I was probably saying things that were most unhelpful as it has taken me some years to develop my therapeutic skillz.  Then there was mom.  Oh mom.  Wise, wise mom.  Having gone through a divorce from my dad not that long before this, she knew a thing or two about heartache, fear and all of the ugly little things that go along with losing a relationship.  She looked at Emily and said simply....

Emily...keep your chin up.   

Emily nodded her head.  I sat there in shock probably thinking Really Mom?  That's all you've got? because let's be honest...I've kind of always been an ass. 

But turns out, yeah really...that's kind of it.  Seems to be the secrete to life, especially when paired with a hug.    

Whether you're trying to get through a tragic loss, get through a boring afternoon at work, get through camel pose.

Keep your chin up.  

Up next...open your heart wide. 

In yoga the teachers are often saying "open your heart." I don't really know how to explain it other than you can kind of get there by imagining that you are literally poking your heart out.  In a yoga practice, it's quite helpful with not only breathing but also with giving yourself more room to move.  Make sense?  Good.  Try it....open your heart.

Good job!  Woo!
This concept translates beautifully from a yoga practice to a life practice in that opening your heart up to the world opens you up to oh so much goodness. 

Sound cheesy?  Well, it is.  But it's also pretty cool.  Opening your heart up to to loved ones and friends and animals and complete strangers and enemies (sometimes...with good boundaries of course) gives you the chance to laugh and learn and grow and experience things that one doesn't get to experience when they are all hunched over and shut down.  Believe me...I spend a lot of time being hunched over and shut down.  It doesn't get you very far. 

This brings us to the last discovery:

Tune out what doesn't matter.   

This particular Saturday morning I found myself annoyed by several different things.  Would you like for me to tell you about them?  Well I'm not going to.  Because they don't matter.  Just because you're giving something your energy doesn't mean that it's important. 

This is a lesson that I find myself coming back to time and time again.  There are a gazillion things going on in the world around me.  Most of them either don't matter or have absolutely nothing to do with me.  Simple really.  But that monkey mind.  It gets cranked up sometimes and is tough to reign in.  Comparison is absolutely the thief of joy, tuning out what doesn't matter and focusing on my own stuff is absolutely rad.  Party on, Wayne!

The throat exploration continues. 

Until next time!


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