WooHoo!! Wednesday!!! (Ode To My Big Pretty Legs)

I was at work the first time I heard it. 

Girl.  You've got some big, pretty legs!

I must admit, I was shocked.  Who says that?  Turns out, people say that.

And when they say that, they aren't being mean!  

On a good day, I respond to the big pretty legs comment with a genuine thank you and a smile.  On a bad day, I respond with a quick (and snarky) yeah, I'm a runner so I have big legs, which, let's be honest, is only half true.  I mean I do run regularly but it's like for 35 minutes 3 times a week.  I'm not leg pressing 400+ lbs so I don't think that that's the root of my thickness.  

Regardless of the root of my thickness or who is commenting on my thickness, it's just that.  My thickness. And it's been there for always...at my smallest and at my roundest.  

Since I am fearfully and wonderfully made, let me move forward with embracing said thickness.  OK, go! 

BUT.  It's not all group hugs and rainbows over here.  Turns out, there's a dark side to having big, pretty legs. 

A few weeks ago, after running the Hotter Than Hades half marathon relay, I was left with a case of leg chafe so bad that I had tears in my eyes.  Seriously, the run was difficult but that damn leg chafe was the absolutely worst.  The only other time that I'd had it that bad was when I went to the zoo on a trip to Chicago.  That was awesome, let me tell you. 

To spend any amount of time with me is to know everything that ales me; it's no surprise that I told any and everyone about my chafe.  But really, I had to.  I was walking like a cowboy.  It needed to be explained. 

Turns out, my explaining did some good.  Last week on a message thread, my friend Brantley writes LMAM there's a prize for you in your mail box.  Since Brantley and I have the garden together, I was thinking that it was an eggplant or something like that.  

Ecstatic, floored, overjoyed are just a few of the words that I could use to express the happiness I felt when I discovered that my sercy was not an eggplant but instead Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  

I'm sorry.  Best. Gift. Ever.    
This little gem makes the darker side of big pretty legs much, much brighter.  Thank you, sweet Brantley, for helping me to be more proactive about my chafe.  Long, hot runs (or walks in the zoo?!) bring it on!  I'm armed with my anti monkey butt powder.  

((I've written the word butt a lot this week, haven't I? Oh well.  I don't care if you don't care.  And if you care, I probably still don't care!  Jokes, jokes.))

Take a minute today and be kind and proactive about a part of yourself that you're usually down on.  You are, with out a doubt, awesome and deserve to be treated that way!