A Few on Friday

1.  Y'all.  I won a blog giveaway!  I guess it's a sign that it's time for me to reign in that monkey mind.
 Come on, Pema.  Let's do this. 

2.  If you follow me on Instagram then you know that my sweet Browne Hound's weight has crept up to an out of control 142 pounds.  Oh dear, Browne hound.  That will not work.  He's on a diet and beyond annoyed.  A few nights ago, he stared at Brandon's pizza so hard that I thought, surely, this hound is about to explode. 
Pardon me while I research healthy hound treats.   And stare at this precious chunky hunk of heart for the next half hour. 
3.  Speaking of dogs,that precious Scatter Brained Collars is having a festive fundraiser this month.  They are honoring several different animal rescues, one being Big Fluffy Dog Rescue which I think is beyond cute.  Visit their Etsy site and pick up something for your buddy! 

4.  Switching gears.  Anyone got any experience with these jeans?  Since the image wont show up, you're just going to have to carry your happy self over to the gap and check them out.  Click hereMary Straton emailed them to me earlier in the week, she's fly in her style and with me on the idea that jeans should hang out at your waist and not at your crack.  We're thinking of trying them.  Unfortunately, the reviews say that the color bleeds.  This would be difficult.  I know this because I have a pair of dark indigo jeans from the gap and I always end up with blue hands at the end of the day.  Awkward. 

5.  This video might be the cutest thing you've ever seen.  Go watch it, I'll wait.  

Amazing, right? 

6.  Runners!  Walkers!  Skippers!  It's time to sign up for 300 Oaks.  Do it.  GO!  Register here   

Happy weekend, turkeys!  Make it a good one!

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