A Few on Friday

1.  OMG where have you been?  Jokes. 

2.  Raising the roof for this cool snap over here.

3. Speaking of this cool snap....what's your fall clothes plan?  What's in?  What's out? What are you focusing on? 

I know it's really early to be thinking about this but hear me out.  For starters, I didn't do much fall clothes purchasing last year (or the year before for that matter) so I've got lots to buy. Boots.  Pants.  A new bag.  A festive yet pseudo-neutral flat.  Transition pieces.  

For second, like many folks, I'm on a budget.  That means that I've got to choose wisely what I put in my shopping cart.  

My office mate/friend/person that I spend more time with than anyone else had the following wonderful advice...

Her:   You have to first decide what you want to look like this fall.   

Me:  Ooooohhhhhhh.  That's a good idea.  Thank you.  I think I'd like to look wrapped.  

Her:  That's good.   You do wrapped well.  

Me:  Thanks girl.  

Solid advice.  Keeps your look from looking like it's been diagnosed with schizophrenia, disorganized type.  

4.  I registered to run a marathon.  Eek!

That is all.  Happy Friday.  

Keep being awesome!    



  1. My first thought when I saw that you posted today was, "Where have you been???" Love fall, love the fall look, and I love me some layers. Skinnies & tall boots. I will probably still be wearing them long after they have gone out of style. You've been warned. That's awesome about your marathon!

  2. I found out that JCrew Outlet has an online store, and that's what I'm going with this Fall...sticking with a few good brands, and sticking to them. Even though they are a little more expensive, I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. I had been buying stuff here and there from Old Navy, American Eagle, etc. It all seemed too trendy and wasn't very durable either. I'm going with the classic look and trying to build a better wardrobe (slowly but surely).