A Few On Friday

1.  B and I watched Happy this week.  Looking for something to do on your long weekend?  Check it out! 

Their theory on happiness is that happiness is around 50% genetics, 10% situational and 40% what you make of things.  Very interesting scientists.  Very interesting indeed!  They also discussed a concept of the hedonic treadmill which pretty much says that even with the getting of more stuff we are really no more or less happy. 

Good thing to remember as I continue to whine about wanting new fall boots.

2.  Speaking of happy, I've recently joined spotify premium.  Hello music at your finger tips.  I, along with the help of the group members, created a playlist for us using this spotify technology to jam to whilst doing a therapeutic activity this week (Run-on!) and it was full of amazing stuff.  One new jam they suggested was this:
Just try to not bob your head while you listen to that.  Just try.  Nope.  Not happening.

3.  The opposite of happy is unhappy and that's what I was when I realized that I had shingles.  But I don't call them shingles, I call them the shang.  However, there were several points of gratitude involved in the shang.  I shall list them now:
  •  My alarmist nature led to me catch them early and therefore treat them early.  I've had no issues other than itching.
  • I'm pretty sure that once you get the shang you aren't going to get the shang again.  One more thing to cross of the list.
  • I've enjoyed singing "Shang shang shaaaaaaaaang!  Shang of fooooools!" to the tune of Aretha's Chain of Fools all week long.  This is one of the many joys of living with me.  Just ask Brandon. 
4.  Our 139# akita has developed two fears as of late.  He is afraid of the dark and afraid of loud noises.  This makes early morning and late evening walks mighty difficult.  Even more difficult when someone is doing external home repairs and/or slamming doors.  And if this guy doesn't want to go walking he's not going walking.  I've tried reasoning with him, dragging him, begging him.  Nope, says the Browne hound.  Nope, nope, nope.  

5.  I had a standoff with an armadillo in my front yard this morning.  

6.  I heard a piece on NPR this morning about dumplings.  Now I can't stop thinking about dumplings!  I want these.  But I think that they are technically pot stickers.  Either way.  Sounds like a fun Saturday adventure.  I'll let you know how it goes. And if it goes.   

Happy (long) weekend dear friends!  Take care and do things you love!   

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