Woohoo!! Wedneday (Bucket Lists)

Friends.   What are your thoughts on a bucket list?

Here are mine....

On one hand, it's the ultimate to do list...a great way to do some long term and short term goal setting and get shiz done.   

On the other hand, it's a bit panic inducing.  It can lead to thoughts like:  Is this worthy of a bucket list?  What if I accomplish none of these?  What if I wind up at the end of my life riddled with regret because I didn't get to cross of every. Last. Thing. 

That, my friends, would be terrible. 

But not really.  Right?  Right.   I made a to do list over the weekend and did not cross everything off and everyone woke up in the McCaleb house with their limbs and the ability to problem solve intact.  It was fine, really. 

Perhaps I'll view a bucket list as a place to jot down Hey!  That Would Be Cool! ideas that I come across.  Kind of like pinterest, but for life experiences.  Big and small.  Silly and important.  Near and far.  Healthy and glutenous.

Tell me.  What would you like to do?  Here are a few of mine:

Run a marathon
Visit Talladega
Travel to New England / Cape Cod / that general area
Return to Carmel and run a race in Big Sur

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