A Few on Friday

1.  For starters, here are two lovely things for you to read on this lovely Friday.  Well I'm assuming that it's a lovely Friday.  I'm writing this on Wednesday...

First up is this incredible obituary.  It was featured on Huffington Post and it's a great read! 

Next up is Ordinary Blessings.  This might be my new favorite prayer:

 “Days pass, the years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles. Lord, fill our eyes with seeing and our minds with knowing. Let there be moments in which your presence, like lightning, illumines the darkness in which we walk.”

This, the sharing of inspiring stories with each other, is one way that social media wins. 

2.  A raspberry latte with soy milk tastes like a pink soybean. 

3.  I just found another way that social media is winning.  I present to you the 12 (of 100) service dogs that worked search and rescue after the September 11 bombings.  They are the only ones still living and I want to give them each a 30 minute belly rub and as many pig ears and Plato Eos treats as their sweet hearts desire.  Click here for the story
This is Moxie and I love her. 

Quick fact:  Eos treats (turkey and sweet potato) and pig ears and two of Big Browne's favorite things.

4.  This one is for the runners and walkers and lovers of community events:  300 Oaks is next Saturday in Greenwood!  It's fun!  You should come!  Visit this website to register.  And check out my last year's post about it.   

5.  Speaking of running (and walking) I've started reading Running With the Mind of Meditation.  I'm just a little bit in but enjoying it already.  Here's a passage:

Happy weekend to you, friends!  I'm looking forward to a cooler day tomorrow (fingers crossed) as well as breakfast pasta for supper tonight and maybe (just maybe) giving these cookies a try. 

Be well and keep things awesome!

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