A Few on Friday

1.  Have you ever seen a more devastated hound?
This 138# (steady losing!) beast of an Akita somehow made his way into the front seat upon learning that it was that time again...that time to go to the vet for another round of heart worm treatment!  I try to tell him that's it's all for his betterment but he's just not listening.

2.  I need long tshirts.  You know, something to cover my rear.  Any suggestions? 

3.  Click on this link and go vote for Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in the Shelter Challenge. They recently resuced around 15 dogs from a hoarding case.  Intense.  Help them win.  It takes all of five seconds and you don't have to create any account or anything.  Doooo it! It's good karma. If their page doesn't automatically come up, search "Big" and "TN" for the state. 

4.  Habits of Supremely Happy People.  Go

5.  Speaking of happy...watch this.  Lovely

6.  For the sake of balance, here's a snarky article for you about Whole Foods.  Petty hilarious.  Still wish I had access to them and their whole chickens more often. 

7.  Here's another video for you to enjoy on this lovely day. 

Can you tell that things are a bit on the slow side for me this week? 

Happy Friday friends!  Make it a good one!

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