A Few on Friday

1.  Jimmy Fallon + the Roots need to stop being so adorable.  No, I'm kidding.  They don't need to stop because it's amazing.

2.  Dogs sniffing out ovarian cancer....read about it here!

3.  Speaking of ovarian cancer, I've set a rather (like seriously) lofty goal for when I run the MS River Marathon in February.  Check out my fundraising page here!

Don't worry, I'll be doing massive amounts of harassing you for money between now and then. Just need 262 people to give 10$.  Or 26.2 people to donate 100$.  That's doable.  Right?  Sure. 

I'll also talk more about why this is an important cause.  Hopefully others will be sharing, too.  Barn raising, people.  Barn raising.  Share the page.  And read Traveling Mercies.  

4.  Switching gears here, have you visited My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler on pinterest lately?  Well you should.  Visit it here.   

That's about it for me, dear friends!  Have a wonderful weekend!     

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