Win's Feta + Egg Toast

Who doesn't love a surprise at breakfast?  

A hit of cherry up in your doughnut.  Some cream cheese up in your pumpkin muffin.  A wad of feta up under your fried egg.  All of these things are good and great and make me bow my head slightly whilst raising the roof.

So let's focus on the feta.  

This breakfast suggestion came to me by way of my good buddy Win and let me tell you....it rocks.  And it's simple.  And it can be thrown together whilst you run out the door to your j-o-b.  

Give it a try!    
Win's Feta + Egg Toast

1 egg
1 tbl reduced fat feta cheese
1 slice of wheat bread

Spray a small skillet with cooking spray and set the heat to medium.  Fry your egg, trying real hard not to make it look crazy.  Remove the egg and set it aside.  Put the feta in the skillet, cover it with the bread.  Flip the bread around a few times, letting the cheese smear around and reach both sides.  This is going to be awkward but just go with it.  

Remove the slightly toasted bread that has been drug around in the cheese, top with the fried egg.  

Makes 1 serving
Points plus 4 


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