A Few on Friday

1.  Yogascapes.  Heard of it?  When I grow up, I want to take this yogascape to Italy. But maybe in 2014, I'll take this yogascape to Nicaragua. Maybe after I finish raising money for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance I'll start a little fund for yogascapes.  Jokes

2.  Speaking of raising money for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.....heck yeah!  This venture is off to a bangin' start and I can't believe how generous you have been so far.  Haven't donated yet and want to?  Here you go...click here!

3.  I'm in a book club!  Woo!  Our first book is called The Tilted World.  Pumped to read it.  And discuss it.  Unfortunately, reading comprehension has never been my strong suit....I might just stare blankly a lot.  Takes me a while to get things sometimes.   

4.  King Biscuit is nearly upon us!!

5.  Anyone else?
glad im not the only one 
6.  I rediscovered my love for Miranda Lambert on the way to work this morning.  Number 742 why Spotify rocks my socks off.  

Happy weekend, friends!  Keep it real, do things that you love.  Bless you real good.   

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