A Few on Friday

1.  Here is some life advice from a tree:

2.  Have you donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance?  If so...thank you to the moon!!  We are at 40% of the goal and I am beyond grateful for those who not only have donated but for those who have shared and posted and tweeted.  If not and you'd like to....click here

3.  So The Pixies are playing at the Ryman on February 2 which is the day after my best friend is getting married in Nashville.  No brainer!

4.  So this guy wrote a book that I'm reading called Running with the Mind of Meditation and it's pretty darn cool.  This video is pretty darn cool as well.  I like the part where he says something about society being better kind of depends on, at its basic level, the interactions between two people.  I mean, that's way paraphrased as I am by no means, oh what's the word, eloquent? Check it out.   

5. If you told me that I had to either cut off my pinkie or watch American Horror Story....I'd  cut off my pinkie.  End of story.  

Happy weekend, dear friends!  Be present and enjoy yourself!  

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