A Few on Friday

1.  I could always go this route to keep myself from getting bored during the MS River Marathon. 

2.  Speaking of that marathon.  Haven't donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance? No worries, friend!  You can donate here.  

3.  Tell it, Ann Lamott.  Squint.  It's worth it. 

4. How cool is this website?  People being proud of the fact that they are in therapy.  Love it.

5.  At what point can I turn the heat on? 

6.  I just started a 15 day trial of YogaGlo.  They had me at the multiple classes that they offer for cross training and running.  And cycling.  But I'm not a cyclist.  Ask Brandon about that time I attempted to throw my bike in the Yazoo River, vomited, then got a flat tire across town from my house.  In that order.  On July 4.  At noon.  Sorry for being awesomely athletic.  

Happy weekend, dear friends!  Make it a good one!  Be present!  Enjoy yourself!    

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