Peanut Butter Pumpkin Stars (these are for the hounds)

What do you do when the number one (golden) doodle in your life has a birthday?  You make him peanut butter pumpkin stars.  Obviously.  
Daniel (really his name is Dan) and his brother Phinn celebrated their first birthday together at the Delta Brewing Beer Garden.  The weather was perfect and there were only a few disagreements between the doodle brothers.  

((Side bar:  best part of the afternoon was when a random guy in the corner of the beer garden said poodle fight!!)) 

These treats are easy and crispy and hounds just love them.  My Big Browne Hound has been snacking on the leftovers, loving life and being pumped that only 4 PB Pumpkin Stars would fit in a zip lock bag.  

Fix these for the sweet hound in your life! 
Peanut Butter Pumpkin Stars
adapted from Use Real Butter

2 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
2 eggs
2/3 cup of pumpkin 
3 tbl peanut butter
1/8 tsp cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 350.  Combine the flour, eggs, pumpkin, peanut butter, cinnamon.  Mix well, add a little water if need be to make it more workable.  Roll the dough out on a floured surface, making it around 1/4 an inch thick.  Use cookie cutters and cut into whatever shape you like!  Bake for 30 minutes.    

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