Woo-Hoo Wednesday! (What I'm Learning Through My Marathon Training)

It's been a while since we've woohoo'd! together on a Wednesday.  Let's change that today!

Shiz is getting pretty intense in my marathon training.  I'm running five days a week, logging over 20 miles per week.  I've been injured, had more than one post run bloody sock, questioned many times why in the name of the Highest Good am I doing this?   Oh yeah.  This is why

So I keep running.  And running.  And running.  On good runs, I pray and practice gratitude and breathe.  On bad days I obsessively look at my watch or allow bad mind to take over or skip runs all together.  

For the bad and the good, here are just a few (life) lessons I've picked up along my runs (and stretches):

1. You will get hurt.   

Loved ones will hurt you, strangers will hurt you, your hamstrings and knees will hurt your, too. Grieve the hurt.  Rest during the hurt.  Give yourself some space to heal.  Make a plan to do better next time. 

2.  Do something when you can do it, not later.

I'm a morning person.  An obnoxiously chipper morning person.  Sometimes, I annoy myself.  Daily, I annoy my husband.  So it is.  I often get whiny and convince myself that it's to foggy or to cold  or to something.  I'll run later.  After work.  Yeah.  That's what I'll do.  

BUT that's usually not what I do.  Because I am the laziest sack of bones when I get home from work.  I want to get cozy in my biscuit at like 630 pm.  That, my friends, is hard to do when you have to run.  

This also, of course, can be applied to general life.  And paperwork.  And the dishwasher.  And putting the sheets on the bed. 

3.  Getting angry at your body doesn't change it but accepting it might.

This one came to me not whilst running but after coming embarrassingly close to tears in a yoga class last night.  We were in the middle of some intense one leg stuff and it was just not working for me.  I cursed my shaking and throbbing leg...why am I not strong enough?  Why is this not working?  What is wrong with me?

Well obviously that didn't work.  Because it never works.

What might have worked was for me to respect my big, pretty legs and honor them for not only carrying me around all day but also for running six miles that morning.  Acceptance lessens suffering.  Quit yer meanness.  

4.  Enjoy where you are while you're there.

I am a gal that run/walks. It used to make me feel like less than but I'm over that now, it's my thing.  I find comfort in knowing that every 13 minutes, I'll have 1 minute to breathe and collect myself. Often times, though, I spend that one minute fretting over the fact that said one minute will soon be over.  That's a big, ole waste of a walking minute. I should do that less.  Be present more.  Breathe.  It's all about that breath, really.    
Guys....keep your head up, keep your heart strong!  Do your thing, learn your lessons!

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