A Few on Friday

1.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  Ann Lammot is good stuff.  Read this bit of lovely from her latest book, In Stitches.  Check it out here.

I wish there were shortcuts to wisdom and self-knowledge: cuter abysses or three-day spa wilderness experiences. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.  I so resent this.

2.  I'm not sure if Brandon would recover if this happened.

3.  How about this for one of the most amazing displays of coming together and making shiz happen that I've read in a while.....Bring Richard Home.
4.  One day I will learn to not buy my favorite Halloween candy to hand out.  One day I will get nothing but mounds and almond joys and be happy to see to go.  Instead I buy reeses' products and cry a little each time a trick or treater comes by.

Same thing goes with candy corn.  I went the entire month of October with barely a thought of them and then, bam, Halloween day happens and I act like a crazy person.

5.  I am working at our hospital's clinic in Charleston, MS today.  If you don't know Charleston, it's flat in the middle of nowhere. There's not really anything to eat here except for McDonalds and yoga mat in the bread Subway.  Funny how I could think of something snarky to say about Subway but not McDonalds.  That's probably because I'm already planning on eating some fries for lunch. 

Point of gratitude, though, is that God was being a total show off with the leaves this morning, they were red and orange and yellow and all kinds of pretty.

6.  Speaking of fall, this is amazing:
7.  Speaking of yoga pants, Studio A in Greenwood is having a restorative yoga workshop tomorrow from 10-12.  The cost is 25$ (a steal!) and you have to preregister.  Call the spa today!! 662.451.6700  Maybe we can all go out for pumpkin spice lattes afterward and talk about fall.

8.  Arcade Fire has a new album out (I'm so hip, I know, stop it) and you should check it out on.  It's a good running jam.  Do you think that listening to Arcade Fire instead of Lil Wayne whilst running makes me more mature?  Yeah, me neither. 
That's the whole album.  If you need me later I'll probably be in jail for illegally sharing music.

9.  Guys!  Donate to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance if you haven't already!

Happy weekend, dear friends.  Keep it awesome and be present!   

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