A Few on Friday

1.  This:
2.  I skipped my 6 mile run this morning for no reason other than I'm a lazy sack of bones sometimes.  I'm planning to go this afternoon.  I'm promising myself Pasta Carbonara for dinner if I do it after work.  Bam.
3.  Pandora station that is rocking my world right now:  Of Mice and Men's.  Check it.
4.  I want to make crab rangoon. At home.  In my kitchen. 
5.  I've got holiday parties on the brain...thinking obout what sweets and treats I'm going to but together for it all and it's kind of making me feel giddy.  Anyone got any tricks up their sleeve for jaw dropping party treats??!!
Happy weekend, yo!  Start doing a no-rain dance for me as I'm gathering with some fine folks to celebrate the upcoming birth of a sweet baby boy.  We want to be outside!   

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